Mail day! 12/27/2018

Hey all! I’ve been away visiting family for the holidays and came back to two packages!

IMG_3943First up is a small lot of 20 cards from the 1983 Wrestling All Stars Series A set. I went from having none of these to having over half the set in just this package! These are also the oldest wrestling cards now in my collection. Sick!


Favorite in the set is Tiger Mask.

I was hooked on this guy ever since I saw this video :


From the back of the card : “Generally considered the number one junior heavyweight wrestler active in the sport today, Tiger Mask is the only wrestler in history to hold both the N.W.A. and W.W.F. Junior Heavyweight Titles concurrently. He has a very unusual ring style that combines many high-flying moves used by the majority of Mexico’s wrestlers, along with a deadly array of martial arts tactics. His true identity is one of the sport’s real great mysteries. ”

Of course we know now that the original Tiger Mask was Satoru Sayama.

On top of that, I received my Paige #/99 parallel from the 2018 Topps Heritage set. Good score!



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