Mail Day! 12/21/2018

Hey everyone! It’s Friday and I’ve been having some mail pile up for the week! Time to open some packages!


First up is a small lot of 4 Paul Bearer cards I picked up in a cheap auction. The seller wanted $2 for all 4 and was offering free shipping. I feel 50 cents a card is just fine!


I secretly always hope sellers throw in bonus cards when it’s clear I collect a specific person, but I’m not upset when the package arrives and it is just what was listed. I suppose if it was going to be a lot of more than 4 cards they would have just made that the original listing! I guess sometimes I just get in the giving spirit when I’m shipping base cards.

Next is a 2018 Topps Heritage Mat Relic card of Charlotte Flair #/299. I’m going to slowly try to build the Mat Relic collection in 2018 Heritage. Dropped $2 plus some shipping on this one. I feel like if I’m not in a hurry to build this set I should be able to pretty affordably.


Sticking with adding to my 2018 Topps Heritage collection, getting some parallel rookie cards! Scored an Asuka Bronze Top 10 Rookie #/99 and a Bobby Roode Top 10 Rookie Auto #/50. Like the Mat Relics I too wish to complete both the Bronze and Auto Top 10 Rookie parallel set, but I imagine that one will take longer and hit my wallet a little harder.

Last up! It’s not a card, but I really dug this Shinsuke Nakamura T-shirt!

IMG_3927 That’s all the mail for today!

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